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Project of the Week - 10/19/22

Pep Boy's - Greenwood, IN


Damaged section? No issue. This week's project comes from Greenwood, IN. Our team was tasked with recovering a damaged corner section of a waterfall-style awning. The Indiana facility was ready and quick to assist this customer, so they could get their awning repaired, and their storefront image returned to normal. Thank you to our customer for the opportunity to assist and to our teams for knocking out this repair!

Scope of work:

- Survey to verify field dimensions and site conditions

- Remove one (1) waterfall-style awning and transport it to the shop for repairs

- Recover one (1) waterfall-style awning. Recover includes removal, repairs, reskin, and reinstallation on-site during normal business hours

- Provide turn-key project management, including site survey, renderings, drafting, coordinating install and production schedules, and permitting

Have any questions about this project or an upcoming project of yours? Please fill out the contact form on our main page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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