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Project of the Week - 6/2/23

Ford - Warren, OH


This week's project comes from Warren, OH. Unlike last week's POTW, this week's was a little more complicated. Our IN team did an excellent job retrofitting the existing frames to include a staple-groove system for recover. The patio canopy consisted of three sections. The other canopy is a walkway Radius Marquee awning built in two sections. Check out the large image gallery below to see this project's completion photos!

Scope of work:

- Survey to verify field dimensions and site conditions

- Recover three (3) sections to complete one (1) Radius Marquee patio canopy

- Recover to use existing frames, retro-fitted with staple groove system

- Manufacture one (1) Radius Marquee entrance canopy, built in two (2) sections

- No lights or egg crate

- Seamed Ferrari 502 fabric with matching PVC trim

- Entrance canopy sealed at the top after installation

- Recover includes take-down, reskin, and reinstallation

- Start-to-finish project management

Have any questions about this project or an upcoming project of yours? Please fill out the contact form on our main page; we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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