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Project of the Week - 7/05

Washville - Cranston, RI

This week's feature project showcases the manufacturing and installation of architectural canopies and louvred sunshades. We are excited to share the details and outcomes of this comprehensive project.

  • Site Survey: Conducted a thorough site survey to confirm build dimensions and site conditions.

  • Manufacturing:

  • Produced six architectural canopies and four louvred sunshades.

  • Utilized high-quality aluminum components, including gutter fascia, self-mating pans, and structural C-channel.

  • Equipped canopies with mounting plates, fabricated scuppers, and adjustable steel hanger rods.

  • Designed sunshades with fascia and rectangular tube, providing a "floating" look over stanchions.

  • Coating and Finish:

  • Powder-coated all awnings with canopy tops remaining in mill finish.

  • Coated tops and bottoms on sunshades.

  • Painted louvers to match the customer-confirmed color.

  • Project Management: Provided comprehensive project management from start to finish, ensuring quality and efficiency.

Have any questions about this project or an upcoming project of yours? Please fill out the contact form on our main page; we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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