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Project of the Week - 8/18/23

Buckle - Fenton, MO


This week's project comes from Fenton, MO. Another simple project with a twist. One of the awnings is a whopping 50' wide! This awning was built and recovered in four sections due to its' size. Check out the image gallery below to see this project's completion photos.

Scope of work:

- Survey to verify field dimensions and site conditions

- Recover three (3) existing awnings in six (6) sections

- Shed-style awnings with closed-ends

- Smoke fabric used for recover

- Matching trim insert

- Recover on-site

- New hardware provided for recover with existing frames

- Start-to-finish project management

Have any questions about this project or an upcoming project of yours? Please fill out the contact form on our main page; we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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